Hello readers, thank you for being here on the South Florida Tropical Vacation blog. I’m so excited to share with you a little glimpse of my cozy rental home. Yes, in this second post I will be showing you and describing my vacation rental in detail.

As we take a tour of my home, you will be able to see photos of my property and feel like you are in it. Don’t miss any details!

General description of my rental house:

South Florida Tropical Vacation is a single-family rental home with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a modern kitchen and pool area. It is an ideal place for families, but also for friends traveling together. Our house accommodates babies and small children, with the necessary amenities.

We guarantee a comfortable stay for everyone, even your furry friends. We understand that pets are family too, that’s why we welcome them into our home.

My vacation rental is located in South Florida, near its stunning beaches, world-class shopping, and the main attractions of the Sunshine State. Just 15 minutes from the beach and very close to the Fort-Lauderdale International Airport.

Upon Arrival at South Florida Tropical Vacation: Living Room, Bedrooms, and Bathroom:

Living Room South Florida Tropical Vacation
Living Room South Florida Tropical Vacation

When you open the door of South Florida Tropical Vacation, you will immerse yourself in an atmosphere of tranquility and comfort.

You will be greeted by a cozy living room, adorned with plush cushions and a modern mirror. The minimalist design of this space will make you feel instantly at ease. The comfortable furniture invites you to a well-deserved rest after a long day exploring Florida and getting to know its wonderful places.

If you like reading, you can take a book and immerse yourself in the sofa bed, taking advantage of the light that comes in through the large window. You can also watch a movie or catch up on your favorite shows, accompanied by a cup of coffee.

The options are many, you just have to enjoy this space in the house and make it your own as if it were your own home. I am sure that the warm tones of the room will envelop you in an atmosphere of tranquility, from which you will have a hard time saying goodbye.

To your right you will find the bedrooms. The house has a total of two bedrooms. This way you can travel to Florida with your family, even if it is large, or if you prefer, with several friends.

Bedroom, South Florida Tropical Vacation
Bedroom, South Florida Tropical Vacation

The first bedroom has two beds, accompanied by soft pillows and blankets; In addition to two windows that guarantee good lighting and a cozy atmosphere.

In the middle of these two beds you will find a small piece of furniture with a night lamp for your nighttime readings, and you also have a closet to store your clothes and luggage. Without a doubt, this bedroom will be the perfect space to rest after a long day of walking through Florida and gain new strength.

Followed by this first room, to the left, you will find the bathroom of this rental house. In this intimate space you will find all the comfort and privacy you need.

Bathroom, South Florida Tropical Vacation
Bathroom, South Florida Tropical Vacation

The bathroom has a classic sink and mirror, as well as drawers where you can place your belongings. You can enjoy a relaxing bath in the shower or jacuzzi-style bathtub. In addition, you will find a bidet for your personal hygiene.

At the end, the main bedroom of the house will appear: a cozy refuge to renew your energies.

Bedroom, South Florida Tropical Vacation
Bedroom, South Florida Tropical Vacation

This has a luxurious bed adorned with elegant pillows and soft blankets. On each side you will find bedside tables to store your belongings and lamps with a soft light for the nights. It is the ideal place for a restful sleep.

In this spacious and bright space, you will have a closet with hangers so you can store your own clothes and feel at home. In addition to, an iron and its board for those moments when you prefer to dress in more elegant clothes and need to use them.

I guarantee that in these bedrooms you will wake up refreshed and ready for new adventures!

South Florida Tropical Vacation Kitchen and Dining Room

Kitchen, South Florida Tropical Vacation
Kitchen, South Florida Tropical Vacation

Passing the living room, you will find the kitchen: modern and elegant, but at the same time comfortable. This space in the house has good lighting and good water flow, as well as all the equipment you need to feed your loved ones.

In it, you will find modern appliances and all the utensils necessary to prepare a delicious homemade meal. If you are one of those who prefers to prepare your own food, even while on vacation, in the South Florida Tropical Vacation kitchen it will be very easy for you to do so.

In this kitchen you will find a small door that leads to the garage of the house. Of course, you can park your car there and store your belongings or beach items that you do not want to have inside the other rooms.

There you will also find: a washing machine ,dryer and a treadmill. You can have each of these equipments, if you wish. Make yourself at home!

Returning to the kitchen, I can’t help but mention that above the sink, you will find an open space that overlooks the dining room of South Florida Tropical Vacation.

Dining Room, South Florida Tropical Vacation
Dining Room, South Florida Tropical Vacation

The dining room is the perfect place to enjoy your culinary creations or sip your morning coffee while planning your day in Florida. This is a space with excellent lighting and ventilation; It has numerous windows and a sofa bed where you can lie down and rest for a while.

The table is an elegant and comfortable piece of furniture, with black and white upholstered chairs, a glass support and a simple floral detail in the center. In the dining room, there is a door that leads to the patio and pool area.

Outdoor patio with pool: my favorite place in the house

Outdoor patio, South Florida Tropical Vacation
Outdoor patio, South Florida Tropical Vacation

As you walk through the door, you will be greeted by a tropical paradise like no other. This area is surrounded by lush vegetation and palm trees, coupled with the warm rays of the Florida sun.

The sparkling private pool invites you to take a refreshing dip. Or you can simply lounge on the sun loungers and enjoy this oasis with a cold drink in hand.

As the day passes and night comes, the pool will light up, giving you the opportunity to swim under the moonlight or enjoy a glass of champagne.

Isn’t it the perfect environment to enjoy a well-deserved vacation?

In addition to the pool, you will find in this space several hammocks and furniture where you can rest or meet with your family and friends while waiting for the barbecue. Yes, it could not be missing in this environment the American barbecue and that is why you will have at your disposal a grill.

Get ready to sunbathe, relax and make unforgettable memories at this dream retreat!

Outdoor patio, South Florida Tropical Vacation
Outdoor patio, South Florida Tropical Vacation

What area is South Florida Tropical Vacation located in?

It is important that you know the area in which the property is located, as this is one of the many benefits that the house has.

You can expect a quiet and hassle-free stay as the house is located in a residential area where you will find mostly family houses similar to this one and very nice neighbors.

South Florida Tropical Vacation has an excellent location, just 15 minutes from the beach and downtown Fort Lauderdale.

In addition, the Swagrass Mills Mall is 6.5 miles from the house and the Broward Center for the Performing Arts is 7.8 miles. If you would like to visit the Fort Lauderdale Art Museum, you can do so because it is 8.2 miles from the house and the Hard Rock is just 10 minutes away.

It is important that on your trip through Florida you spend some time visiting these places of great cultural importance in Florida. And you know, if you stay at my rental house, getting there won’t be a problem.

You should also know that if you are a national or foreign tourist, the closest airport to the house is Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, and it is only 15 minutes from the house.

Therefore, you will not have to leave too early or travel long kilometers in fear of missing your flight. At South Florida Tropical Vacation, you will find comfort and convenience.

From now on, you can choose your reservation date through the platform you want. South Florida Tropical Vacation is on Booking, Vrbo, Airbnb, and my own website. You just have to click on some of the three and that action will put you in contact with me. It will be a pleasure to serve you!

Whether you’re planning your next family vacation or a romantic getaway, this Airbnb is the place to stay. Come experience the rest, comfort and convenience that awaits you here!

Book your stay now and create unforgettable memories in Florida together!